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The Bard's Tale IV: Save Game Corruption Resolution



  • John Wagner

    THANKS FOR THE WARNING!! TO DAMN LATE! THIS STINKS. I just lost my saves from yesterday and now it wants me to start over from weeks ago. This really stinks and I'm not about to start ALL OVER again. So disappointed with this.

  • Michael

    "save files may become corrupted"
    Does this mean the "load game" button is completely greyed out, even though I've saved multiple times? I'm having this problem on Xbox, and wondering if it's the same issue. I've reinstalled the game and restarted multiple times, but the Load Game button is always greyed out, even though there should be saves.

    Looking for some confirmation that this is the issue and I will wait for a patch to come out.

  • Christopher Martin

    FYI, I have an this issue, and it seems to impact Exit Saves for people using the waypoint system. A work-around that works for me is to exit to main menu and then from the game.


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